Europcar are a well-known brand, providing car and van rental to both consumers and businesses on a global scale. They have the largest and youngest fleet in the UK.

When we first met, the key objectives for Europcar were to enhance the visibility of potential prospects in the corporate sector to grow sales, while increasing the accountability of their marketing budget. A key priority was to ensure their B2B sales team were out with customers, as opposed to prospecting new leads.


Mapping out the potential universe was a necessary and highly valuable activity for Europcar. We set to work conducting a huge amount of data research, putting together detailed model data graphs based on the most valuable industry sectors uncovered. We then created buyer persona documents that could underpin the campaign and ensure all activity would talk to prospects in a way that would resonate and drive response.

Unexpected sectors can generate revenue target both fast converting and high value opportunities

The Europcar formula

2 inbound and outbound channels times 1 thought leader equals value-added

A long-term nurture strategy would be best for ensuring the highest value prospects were converted, an integrated campaign was needed.

Europcar should be positioned as a thought leader on vehicle rental within the focus industries. Prospect ‘touches’ must be regular.

Use our deep understanding of the Europcar value proposition to generate profitable opportunities in additional sectors, otherwise not on the client’s radar.

The creative...

The big numbers...

121 percent of target£2950500 opportunity value51 qualified sales meetings

Client testimonial


“Working with Really B2B has enabled us to target the B2B market like never before. The team’s enthusiasm for ensuring our strategy is successful, along with their specialist knowledge, has delivered us qualified business opportunities. Working alongside our other agency partners, Really B2B have completely supported and enhanced our corporate lead generation strategy by nurturing our prospect database and establishing Europcar as a thought-leader in the industry."

Head of Corporate Sales Performance, Europcar

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