Miele Professional is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality appliances for professional use.

Having relied on an outsourced telemarketing agency, Miele Professional were unable to generate the desired number of leads, or educate prospects about the benefits of switching from domestic to professional appliances. They needed to highlight why their products were better than their competitors in an engaging way.


Hours of research

To begin with, extensive offline and online persona research was carried out across two core segments in order to better understand key buyers' pains, challenges, daily routines and career ambitions.

Detailed persona documents were then created and value propositions for both decision-makers and influencers within each business type were established.

Miele Professional Research DMU Personas Competitors Data Numbers and Market
Give prospects content they value in their day-today roles

The Miele Professional formula...

12 marketing channels x 100% thought leadership equals no.1 innovative leaders

The research revealed that in order for Miele Professional to reach and exceed their targets, a buyer-centric approach should be used across the multiple channels, where prospects were most active.

By creating engaging content that focused on the buyer's pain points, as opposed to Miele Professional products, the brand could build relationships with prospects and position themselves as industry thought leaders.

Giving prospects valuable, helpful information would establish them as the go-to brand for innovative appliances, particularly in their key target sectors, which included care homes and hair salons.

The creative...

The big numbers...

321% ROI200% over target19% content driven leads

Client testimonial


"This campaign has truly surpassed our expectations in terms of engagement with our customers and prospects, our perception as a brand and most importantly additional leads and revenue. To say that 19% of our overall sales, now come from leads driven by content is fantastic – Really B2B told us it would work and it truly did."

Marketing Manager, Miele Professional

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